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Privacy Policy



A. Private Policy on Personal Data Protection Processing. 

KERKYRA SEAWAYS uses its best efforts in order to comply with the legislation related to Personal Data Protection in its market sector. The current Policy lays down the key principles based on which KERKYRA SEAWAYS processes the personal data of its customers, seamen, employees, suppliers, partners and other persons. This Policy is also applied by KERKYRA SEAWAYS in its subsidiaries whose KERKYRA SEAWAYS controls them directly or indirectly.

B. Personal Data Processing

  1.  KERKYRA SEAWAYS processes the personal data you provide such as your name, contact details, e-mail address, telephone number, information on your travel itinerary, such as your reservation code, details of your booking transaction, indicatively, the details of the bank card with which you completed the payment, vehicle numbers, two-wheelers or other means of transport, types / categories of seats, vacation packages and other information collected during your transactions, when you subscribe to newsletters or through surveys, as well as information related to the issuance of tickets, or the reporting of passenger accidents, as well as the transport of patients by ship only when there is a legal reason for this, as well as health information relating to the issue of tickets, or the reporting of passenger accidents, as well as the transfer of patients by ship, only when there is a legitimate reason for doing so.
  2. Specifically regarding the details of the credit / debit cards that may be required for the completion of the electronic and physical purchases, we point out that they are not kept, nor stored by KERKYRA SEAWAYS, but are registered directly in a secure environment of the cooperating bank or the online service acceptance of electronic payments, that are responsible on a case by case basis for the confirmation and general management of the financial transaction, to which you are redirected.
  3. Reason and manner of use of your personal data by KERKYRA SEAWAYS
    1. For the management of your travel reservations and the provision of our services.When you travel with us, we use the information needed to provide our services, such as ticketing, check-in, ticket replacement or refunds, booking management and customer service individually or in groups.
    2. For our communication with you and the management of our relationship with you.We may need to contact you by e-mail or telephone for administrative reasons, such as to confirm your bookings and payments, to update your itinerary, to manage requests for unsolicited services, any material damage and generally the management of your complaints. 
    3. For the proper observance of our contractual commitments and the smooth maintenance of our cooperation.From the contractual relationship between us (whether it is an existing agency contract, supply contract, service contract, etc., or we are in the pre-contractual stage of our transaction), we derive and use the information required for its smooth development and optimization of the cooperation between us, such as the processing of financial data and sales data of our agents and sub-agents, about which we inform the contracting party in order to better organize and develop our sales.
    4. To inform you about our news and offers.If you have agreed to this in accordance with the specific requirements of the applicable on each case legal framework, we will send you promotional messages for our travel services, updates and offers of KERKYRA SEAWAYS sometimes personalized to your preferences and interests if you have chosen to enhance your customer experience.
    5.  To improve our services and protect our business interests.The purpose for which we will use your information helps us to improve our services in the course of our business, to meet your expectations, to control the transactions from our sales, in order to respond to any requests for disputes of card debits but also to manage our sales clearances.
    6. For compliance with legal obligations.When, for example, we collect information related to passenger accidents, we handle ticket replacement or refund requests, passenger compensation & vehicle damage claims, record keeping of passenger complaints and suggestions. Also, when we process financial data of partners (agents, suppliers, etc.) to meet our tax obligations.
  4. Χρήση CCTV  επί των Πλοίων. Για τη διαφύλαξη των εννόμων συμφερόντων μας και την προστασία προσώπων και αγαθών. Όταν χρησιμοποιούμε κλειστά κυκλώματα τηλεόρασης (CCTV) και κάμερες ασφαλείας προκειμένου να είμαστε σε θέση να επιτηρούμε και να προστατεύουμε την ασφάλεια φυσικών προσώπων, υλικών, εγκαταστάσεων, συμπεριλαμβανομένων των πλοίων.

C. Data Controller – Data Protection Officer (DPO)

KERKYRA SEAWAYS, informs that, for the purposes of its business activities, it processes personal data which results to identification relating to natural persons (such as, for example, the clients of the company, its suppliers, as well as ordinary users of the website), in accordance with applicable national laws and European Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (General Data Protection Regulation) as applicable.

For any matter concerning the processing of personal data, please contact the Data Protection Officer directly (DPO), email: [email protected] or you may send a Letter to our postal address : SHIPS JOINT VENTURE OF IGOUMENITSA CORFU PAXOI”, 7, Ioniou Pelagous str. 46100 Igoumenitsa tel +30 26650 21000

D. Use of Small Files (Cookies)

We use cookies, i.e. small files that are installed on your terminal device for the purpose of recording and using the details of the traffic of our website. Installing such IDs on your computer helps us identify you in future visits, so you do not have to re-enter your registration details each time you visit us for purchases or information. Depending on the type of the browser you use, you may configure your browser in order to be asked to accept or reject cookies on an individual basis or to reject all cookies from your browser, which may affect the quality of internet communication. In any case, you should refer to the vendor or browser manufacturer for specific details about cookies.

E. Legitimate interest.

KERKYRA SEAWAYS may use and process your personal data where necessary for the purposes of its business activities, such as:

In case we rely on consent as a legal basis for processing your personal data, please note that you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us using the contact details set out at paragraph C above. 

F. Legal compliance and Transactions Security

To secure your personal data, "KERKYRA SEAWAYS" applies automatic encryption. Your data is transferred ENCRYPTED. "KERKYRA SEAWAYS" uses secure encryption methods and the most accepted security protocols in order to secure Internet applications (SSL, HTTPS etc). Approved security certificates are used for the users login. Security certificates use SSLv encryption technology.3. (at least) (Secure Socket Layer). Confidentiality is ensured by encrypting all messages at the SSL Record Protocol level. It also provides mandatory certification of server identity and optionally client identity, through valid certificates from Certified Authorities. SSL is a global Internet Standard and offers encrypted SSL communication based on symmetric & asymmetric cryptographic key. This key is stored on the servers of "KERKYRA SEAWAYS" with access only by data protection officers.

G. Third Party Data Recipients 

KERKYRA SEAWAYS informs that communicates your personal data to the following categories of recipients:

H. Data Storage Period 

The period of data storage is decided on the basis of the following specific criteria, as appropriate:

When processing is required as an obligation under provisions of the legal framework in force, your personal data will be stored for as long as required by the relevant provisions.
When processing is done on a contractual basis, your personal data will be stored for as long as is necessary for the performance of the contract and for the foundation, exercise, and/or support of legal claims under the contract.

I. Personal Data Security.  

KERKYRA SEAWAYS practices aim to secure every website that collects personal data. To this end, it collaborates with specialized consultants, and employs a trained personnel.
However, the privacy of personal data transmitted over the Internet cannot be guaranteed. We urge you to be careful when transmitting personal data over the Internet, especially when it comes to personal information related to your health. KERKYRA SEAWAYS cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties will not gain access to your personal data. Therefore, when submitting such data to KERKYRA SEAWAYS website, you should take into account both the benefits and the risks.

J. Rights of Subjects in processing of their Personal Data.

Every natural person the data of whom are processed by KERKYRA SEAWAYS  under law, has the following rights: 

If you wish to exercise any of the rights set out above, please contact us via e-mail: [email protected], or you may sent a Letter to KEWRKYRA SEAWAYS postal address.

K. Right to File a Complaint with the DPA

You have the right to file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority ( Call Centre: +302106475600, Fax: +30210 6475628, Email: [email protected], by filling the relevant electronic form depending on the type of complaint.

L. Profile Creation.

Profiling means any form of automated processing of personal data consisting of the use of personal data for the evaluation of certain personal aspects of a natural person, in particular for the analysis or prediction of aspects relating to personal preferences and interests or movements.

We inform you that a profile is created for marketing purposes, when you consent to receive updates about our services and offers, personalized to your personal preferences and interests.

Finally, a social media profile may be created, the services of which are used by KERKYRA SEAWAYS for the purpose of marketing its services.

M. Updating the Privacy Policy

Information about KERKYRA SEAWAYS privacy policy reflects the current state of data processing on our website. In case of changes in data processing, this data protection information will be updated accordingly. We will always have the latest version of this data protection information on our site so you can keep up with our website's scope of processing.

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